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While the following information pertains most directly to Birchwood Isle Family Discipline Role Play, taking the following advice to heart will likely help you to achieve greater success in other ageplay or spanking role playing games as well, and this should be taken into consideration by those individuals who are looking to become more involved or who are currently having problems engaging with other role players.

First, let us define what "bratty behavior" is in terms of the spanking community and role playing groups.

The second important reason that this isn't going to get you spanked is that most of the people who use these groups are submissive people who prefer to be spanked than to do the spanking.

If you don't give us a compelling reason to go out of our way to provide for your needs, then why should we?

We all like discipline, or we wouldn't be hanging around in groups where discipline features strongly in the theme of the site.

If you're an experienced role player, there is no excuse for this type of attitude toward the group in which you're playing.

The first, and perhaps the most significant reason, is that you're boring.

When private chatting you can upload images one on one with someone you know or if your chatting with strangers. You can customize your font color, background color and many other styles.

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If you're the teenager who is smoking pot in their bedroom with the door wide open (in the first pot in your thread, which doesn't involve any other teenagers interacting with you) or the four year old who is finger painting on the walls, or the ten year old who has wandered away from the group home and has found the park where she is now playing (all of these involving no other children whatsoever and aiming straight for the adults in the group), you're going to bore the people you want to spank you. There's no story, and everybody can see what you want, straight out of the gate.

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