Dating more than one man at a time

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I call this phase “data gathering” and make a joke about how that is the origin of the word “dating.” “Dat” comes from – data and “ing” from gathering.

When dating, you are in the process of discovering if the two of you: Stay neutral as long as possible You want to stay as objective as possible at this point, especially for online dating.

And you are not dating exclusively until you have that discussion.

This is a very common mistake in thinking that so may women make.

It’s hard to know which kind of man you are dating without a series of dates.

While you may have 4-10 dates with one man, that does not mean you are in a relationship with him.

Consequently the civilizations of the world naturally and simultaneously started developing near the rivers which initially started flowing due to the melting of glaciers near the Equator e.g. When populations multiplied, these river waters became insufficient.

On the other hand, I agree it would be hard to be in a relationship with two different men. Don’t focus on one man right away Lastly, I don’t think you should decide to focus on one man until you get the idea from him that he wants to focus on you.

And even then you might be cutting yourself short if you decide this too quickly.

However, during last 30-40 years, several new scientific tools and techniques have been developed, which are capable to determining the dates of any ancient events in scientific and precise manner.

For example: Multi-disciplinary scientific research reports, prepared during last three- four decades by making use of such scientific tools and techniques, were used for dating the events narrated in Valmiki Ramayan and resuts were amazing! Moon near the star Punar vasu (Pollux) in Gemini Constellation. This data was entered into the ‘Planetarium Gold’ software, the results indicated that this was exactly the location of planets/stars vis-à-vis zodiac constellations on the 10th of January noon time in the year 5114 BC if viewed from latitude/longitude of Ayodhya (25°N 81°E). By making use of software to convert solar calendar into lunar calendar, it was found that this date also happened to be the 9th day of Shukla Paksha in ‘Chaitra’ month and the time was around 12 to 1 noontime.

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