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Every week we bring you in-depth interviews with world leaders, newsmakers and analysts who break down the world's toughest problems. | Download the audio podcast Check out all of Fareed's Washington Post columns here: Obama as a foreign policy president? The worst areas to live for seeing a GP are today exposed by an analysis of inspection reports.By contrast, any talk of revising or revisiting the U. The structure of the Senate is even more undemocratic, with Wisconsin's six million inhabitants getting the same representation in the Senate as California's 36 million people. And we are surely the only modern nation that could be paralyzed as we were in 2000 over an election dispute because we lack a simple national electoral system. Constitution, what would be the three amendments you would put in?So we could use the ideas of social media that were actually invented in this country to suggest a set of amendments to modernize the Constitution for the 21st Century. After all, the delegates in Philadelphia in 1787 initially meant not to create the Constitution as we now know it, but instead to revise the existing document, the Articles of Confederation. Let us know in the comment thread and we'll post the best ones on the Global Public Square.

But a subsequent investigation by the Mail revealed how practices across England were shutting in the middle of the week and telling patients to dial the 111 helpline or local out-of-hours firm.

These include East London and Essex where many practices are run by a single doctor nearing retirement working out of a few converted rooms of their house.

The analysis by the Health Service Journal (HSJ) looked at the inspection reports of 6,476 GP surgeries - the majority of the 7,700 in England.

These had been undertaken by the Care Quality Commission watchdog and each practice has been given a rating of ‘outstanding’, ‘good’, ‘requires improvement’ or ‘inadequate.’The HSJ then worked out which health trust – or Clinical Commissioning Group - had the highest number of poorly performing or good surgeries.

The worst is Havering in East London where a shocking 48.4 per cent of practices are either ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement.’In nearby Waltham Forest, the proportion is 37.1 per cent, while it is only marginally better in Thurrock, in Essex, at 36.4 per cent.

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