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Whoever you are, there is a Pakleni Island experience for you. Discover the Island of Wine It has a wine heritage dating back some 2400 years to the arrival of the Ancient Greeks, and the island of wine is undergoing a renaissance with the energetic efforts of the Hvar Wine Association.

Head through the trees to the other side and Kordovon beach, one of the most chilled places on the coast.

To rescue the SSS from possible bankruptcy, the government would have to use taxpayers’ money to keep the pension fund afloat, thus unduly diverting funds that could otherwise be used to fund the pro-poor and pro-growth programs, Alvarez added.

Alvarez, who is also the DOF spokesman, said “all policy recommendations to President Duterte by Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III and the other economic managers are anchored on sustaining high growth and enabling all sectors across all regions to benefit from it in the form of more jobs, higher incomes and better living standards.” Alvarez’s statement was in response to allegations made by certain groups, notably from militants and leftist organizations and their allies in the legislature, that the country’s economic managers have been giving the President wrong and anti-poor advice on the issues of land conversion and the SSS pension increase.

“The 10-point socioeconomic agenda is meant to sustain high growth, transform the economy into a truly inclusive one, and keep the Philippines’s momentum as one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies by improving the ease of doing business and thereby attract more FDIs (foreign direct investments),” she said.

“Thus, a two-year moratorium on land con version would undermine the growth momentum while the pension hike could force the SSS to go bankrupt, a move that would compel the government to use taxpayers’ money to keep the pension fund afloat–and divert money that could otherwise be used to fund the pro-poor and pro-growth programs,” she added.

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