Polyamory married and dating tv wiki

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Polyamory married and dating tv wiki

These women served as national examples of the fact that somewhere in the world, living out loud was possible—a symbol of hope clung to by many viewers in small towns and unsafe situations.

Whitney Mixter arguably became the most recognizable “Real L Word” cast member: a Lothario (the Shane, if you will) who could (and would) charm any woman (gay, straight or questioning), and juggled several different love interests while also maintaining a strict sense of independence—at least in Season 1.

The former reality star also recently moved back to Los Angeles to re-immerse herself in the entertainment industry after relocating to the Bay Area and trying her hand at real estate and party planning.

And, perhaps most significantly newsworthy to her loyal fan base, her highly-publicized marriage to Sada Bettencourt is now over, so she’s back to looking for love.

By the end of the show’s final third season run, viewers watched an all-white clad Whitney marry Sada (formerly Sara) Bettencourt, a go-go dancer and hair stylist to whom Whitney fully committed after abandoning her carefully cultivated Casanova lifestyle.

Since “The Real L Word” ended in 2012, most of the cast members have continued to boast individual followings, hosting events and parties at lesbian spots around the country.

But all joking (mostly) aside, I present a list of my likes and dislikes about the show, in no particular order. The entire cast is white, able-bodied, cisgendered, thin and conventionally attractive. ) but no lesbians or gay/bi men, and everyone adheres pretty closely to gender norms as far as their appearances are concerned.

It’s not exactly shocking that the show would be cast this way, especially with regard to the attractiveness of the participants.

Poly doesn’t mean anyone is entitled to sex with anyone, not even partners’ partners.

Some of the rules present bothered me, in both situations.

That’s more personal preference than a real criticism of what the folks on the show are or aren’t doing, but it wasn’t entirely relatable for me.

Whitney Mixter’s new life has set her on a dramatically different path than when we were first introduced to her on “The Real L Word” in 2010.

She no longer rocks her signature-length dreadlocks—a literal weight lifted off her shoulders.

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Unlike polygamy, polyamory is not based on any religious tenets nor does it involve multiple spouses.

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