Ultrawebgrid not updating datasource

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Ultrawebgrid not updating datasource

Any help would be appreciated, - Paul Paul, You should set the Data Source of the grid to the appropriate Data Table/Data View.If there are relations in the Data Set to this table this will create a multiband(level) grid.As others have said Infragistics provide newsgroup support on news.

Any help would be appreciated, - Paul I was recently assigned to build a database administration tool with an infragistics web grid UI. I am able to pull the data into a data Set and bind it fine. Cell Event Args e) are missing critical information such as the row and column of the cell being updated, and most of the Cell Event Args are either null or -1.

To update data bound to Web Grid using a dataset, you must retrieve data, check for changes, update changes to the dataset, and update your database using your dataset.

You will learn how to handle the appropriate events in Web Grid to insert, update, or delete data.

Make sure to code Initialize Layout to set the grid layout after the Data Source changes.

Also if you ever want to clear the grid by setting the Data Source to null make sure that your Initialize Layout code handles this appropriately.

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Net: You are trying to use a reference variable who’s value is Nothing/null.

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