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Who is mike white dating

WHITE: Because I had such bad experiences with TV, I didn’t think I’d ever go back. I did this movie with Laura Dern, and she had a holding deal with HBO, and she ended up moving a block away from me, and I kept running into her.And she was like, “I’m trying to do this show with HBO, do you have any suggestions for writers?“It’s not that I get off on making people squirm, but it’s good for them,” he says. “It rocked my world for sure, but it made sense,” remembers White, who had a childhood obsession with Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

White himself suffered a nervous breakdown as a showrunner on his 2004 Fox comedy Cracking Up.In addition to being executive producer, writer, and occasional director on the series, White also plays Tyler, an awkward data-processing misfit.DEENAH VOLLMER: How are you feeling in the weeks leading up to the premiere of ? There’s always a little dread when something you make comes out because everyone starts weighing in on what you’ve done, but I’ve sat with this show for so long, and I’m excited for people to see it.The characters’ consummation is consummate: Fumblingly shy, White appears in a doorway stripped down to tighty-whities.“I didn’t want to be in my underwear,” he says, “but after seeing Lena Dunham’s nooks and crannies, I had to put it out there.” But Enlightened is more autobiographical than graphic.

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I did two shows for Fox, and they’re notoriously fickle and those shows didn’t go anywhere.